Consultant specialized in Open Source

user-avatar1Hi !

My name is Thomas. I’m a Consultant / Freelance currently residing in Montréal, Québec. I provide professional services and training (in French & English) for Web appsI.T. automation, networking, security and virtualization, since 2014. I have been working as an IT engineer (mostly in Web hosting industry) for more than 15 years, with specific interest in Linux internals, IP networks and software security. Feel free to contact me, I love to collaborate and discuss the future.

Specialized in Web …

Every day I manage serversvirtual instances and take care of hardware in data-center. My work tries to reduce global “vendor lock-in” and increase uptime by using virtualization and container. These technologies provide sandbox environment to high available platforms. By using reliable frameworks and opensource CMS, I deploy Web sites and perform various databases management tasks (optimization, backup, migration and maintenance). Always focused on performance and security, I configure Web Application Firewall to keep servers secured and protect websites by allowing legits requests only.  I also install, manage and secure networks between offices, Clouds, using strong configurations to ensure correct isolation and modern data encryption.

… and Automation

configuration-lg_2Automation turns infrastructure into code and makes easy for systems administrators to provision, configure, and manage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle (upgrade, renewing, end of life). Puppet provides a standard way of delivering and operating software, no matter where it runs. With the Puppet approach, you define what you want your apps and infrastructure to look like using a common easy-to-read language. No matter how much you spend and how lofty the promises of the vendor : Hardware does fail. And because systems do inevitably fail, redundancy and automation are your best friend. Minimize impact of a failure by using strong network design, capacity needs and optimal routing.