Back from PuppetConf 2017

PuppetConf is a unique place to meet and connect staff from Puppet Labs (including Managers and Developers). People are most of the time open for a quick chat before or after their presentation. This year, Mr. Mirchandani (actual President & CEO) with several product owners held a great keynote.

Diagnose WordPress Performance

WordPress is actually the most used CMS platform, with over a good 60% of the market share. This means that in a global average on the wild Internet, more than half of the websites (powered by a CMS) runs WordPress. Unfortunately, after a few years of usage and a medium size database (from 500 Mb to 2 Gb) your Web Application is inevitably getting slow.

Say Hello to Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform gives you options for computing and hosting. You can choose to work with a managed application platform, leverage container technologies to gain lots of flexibility, or build your own cloud-based infrastructure to have the most control and flexibility. You can imagine a spectrum where, at one end, you have most of the responsibilities for resource management and, at the other end, Google has most of those responsibilities.  Google Cloud Platform is your best excuse to leave traditional VPS and dedicated server. Don’t feel sorry, this is future !

Rest In Peace HTTP

Internet is now undergoing a transition from being mostly insecure to becoming entirely encrypted. You should be part of this evolution and always protect all of your websites with HTTPS (even if they don’t handle sensitive communications). HTTPS provides critical security and data integrity both for your websites and for the people browsing it.

Why you need Two-factor authentication

The Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways to protect your network against credential exploitation. Even if more and more software and online services [1] now support 2FA’s, companies are unfortunately still very shy to implement this additional security layer. Let me explain why and how it should be the users best friends in 2016.

FOSS Crypto is not an option

After the whole Heartbleed’s [1] fiasco, every questions about open source security became legit. But for me, Free and Open Source Cryptographic software is still the best choice you can make in 2016.

Why Drupal 8 should be your next choice ?

Over the last few years, many world-famous organizations sites (such as White House,,, or Al Jazeera) have adopted Drupal. The latest release, version 8, was distributed in November 2015. A few months later, this powerful toolbox became more and more popular, since Drupal’s strong technical design makes it absolutely not limited to websites and blogs. Let me explain all the key information about Drupal 8 and why you should consider it as your next core Web applications.

What to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

The more I work for different companies, the more I notice strong impact from vendors who influence customers technical choices and orientations. Actual trend is to migrate local I.T. services (especially emails and collaboration tools) from local servers to Cloud. As there is no such magic thing as “the Cloud” (because it’s just somebody else’s computer), you need to understand details of each solutions to ensure it fits your needs to expect  a successful move.

Thoughts on WordPress Security

WordPress is actually the most used CMS platform, with over a good 60% of the market share. This means that in a global average on the wild Internet, more than half of the websites (powered by a CMS) runs WordPress. Congratulations Matt ! Well, as it is true that this software is great, my point is, this is also exactly why it will, again, be the favorite target in 2016.

Privacy and data protection workshop in Montréal

One of the first lines of defense we have against security problems resides within our Web browsers. During this workshop, i try to explain the relationship between sofware you launch every day and how data are collected or stolen. I also cover advanced topics to improve your protection by teaching how to understand and apply privacy best practices.